Hunters Hill Women's Rugby Club first started playing ad hoc games in 2017 - during the clubs 125th anniversary year. With backing from both the Men's and Junior's Clubs, notables such as Rod Salmon & Russell Kershler both coaching & a lot of behind the scenes work from Paul Shields, as well as Lauren Salmon's continued drive and recruitment efforts, the team was always going to go places. The club hit the ground running hosting both the final round of the Sydney Women's 7's and the Sydney Women's XV Grand Final at Boronia Park.

2018 began with a lot of changes to Women's Rugby in NSW, including a new competition format allowing teams to play both 15's and 7's, and a more formalised tournament schedule. Hunters Hill Rugby recognised the need for greater organisation and support of Women's Rugby from the club appointing Lauren Salmon as the first Vice Chair - Women's Rugby on the Senior's Sub-Committee, with the intention that HHWRC becomes a separate sub-committee in the near future. HHWRC decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak, and hosted both the Men's Competition and Round 4 of the Women's 7's on the 30th of June, resulting in 28 teams playing across 43 games (that's over 14 hours of Rugby).